Summer! Fall!

Summer weeks! Fall!
Week of August 19-23

8:30-2 is full except for 2 spaces on Friday
2-6 Hands-on ART HISTORY Class!

Each afternoon students will learn about a different art movement in history and make art inspired by these movements. We’ll be working with plaster, canvas painting, clay and more. We'll also be taking a field trip to the MFA for sketching and inspiration. Just a couple of spaces left.

August 26th-30th 
**Just a few spaces remain**
Miniatures! This is a week of all things tiny!
Make dioramas, terrariums, tiny paintings and sculptures. We’ll take a look at the tiny house movement as well as other artists in history who have worked tiny.

Afternoon classes 2-6

All Things Sculpture Building with cardboard boxes, working with clay, plaster and recylables.

Monday August 26th Mixed Media /canvas /learn image transfer

Tues August 27th Comics class

Wed August 28th Slime Lab

Thurs August 29th Learn about zines and make tiny books

Friday August 30th Sculpey creations

September 2, 3 and 4
We are open and ready for making all sorts of art on those September days before school starts. 8:30-2 and 2-6 options


AND THEN- drum roll- SCHOOL BEGINS! and AWA is back in FULL FORCE. 

We are a true art studio for children where young artists see the power of experimentation and process. We do all sorts of creative art forms including painting, drawing and building as well as sewing and crafts. Children are always encouraged to follow projects they feel passionate about. Field trips to local galleries and museums are included each semester...Studio visits by local artists and much more :). We mix ages here so we've got first graders and 7th graders together and we love it <3.

There are just a few spaces available on certain days. Pick up available all days at Pierce and some days at Coolidge Corner School and Lawrence. (Because we try to create a balance with ages we need to look at this too while enrolling.)

Hope to see you soon!

All my best,

Art with Amy is located at
45 Harvard Street in Brookline Village
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