Cities and Maps coming up the week of July 29th

Make art!

July 29th Cities and Maps
M-F 8:30-2
Be a City Planner!
Design and Create a City!

Liana returns from the Big Apple to teach this class!

Create maps and miniature cities. Using materials such as cardboard, string, boxes, and wood, we will design dioramas and miniature buildings-- and of course different maps to go with our creations! We'll take a look at architects, sculptors and city planners who have made the cities we live in. Includes a field trip to Boston's Mapparium as well as a trip to Fenway’s Victory Garden to draw and enjoy the beauty!

+ Afternoon classes @ 2-6 
Monday  Sew a stuffed animal
Tuesday  Sculpture
Wednesday  Slime Lab
Thursday Be a Horticulturist! Draw! Plant! Print!
Make a terrarium
Friday- Mixed Media printmaking

Sign ons by the day or week welcome

Coming soon!

Sewing and fiber arts the week of August 9th!
Excited to have Mary join us for this fun sewing and fiber arts week! All sorts of sewing, knitting and embroidery!

Mihoko from Saori Worcester is back in the studio and bringing her magic and her floor sized looms the week of August 12th!

Bookmaking returns for the afternoon of August 12 with Greta. Greta is fresh from The North Bennet Street School bookbinding program- this one is a real treat!

Please feel free to email with any questions and to sign on.

Also, if you are in the Provincetown area check out Amy's art at AMP gallery on Commercial Street through July 31st!

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