Mornings with Karly! Art and mindfulness for the younger set coming this Fall!

Art with Amy is super happy to present Mornings with Karly this September!  
A class for ages 5-7.

Mondays and Wednesdays $535 for 8 weeks( 16 classes) meeting 8-11
Tuesdays and Thursdays $535 for 8 weeks ( 16 classes)  meeting 8-11

Using contemplative practices of art, yoga, sitting meditation and dancing as the main tools for learning children will explore all sorts of activities that will inspire curiosity of the world around them, and cultivate a sense of community and caring through process based and collaborative work.

Our mission is to cultivates mind-body synchronization and allow children to be who and how they are while giving them the tools to skillfully move through adversity. 

Here are some projects we are looking forward to working on this Fall:

Creating biodegradable sculpture, wool felting, tool making, doll making, yoga stories, tea and story time, calm breathing and Ikebana (meditative flower arranging). 

About Karly:

Karly Loyer is a Boston based contemplative pre-school teacher. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Visual Arts, as well as Traditional Eastern Arts. Karly studied at Naropa University, a Buddhist based university, in Boulder, Colorado. She then went on to receive extensive training in mindful teaching at Alaya Preschool where she taught preschool for 2 years. Karly is passionate about guiding and nurturing children in their development of becoming compassionate, genuine, and curious beings.