Art with Amy :D

Art With Amy is an old-school neighborhood creative space for children of all ages (what some people now refer to as a maker space). We believe in the power and beauty of the hand made. Children learn painting, construction, jewelry making and weaving. We do projects here! But the most wonderful thing we have to offer is a guided journey that encourages true personal exploration... with pit stops in art history along the way. We intentionally keep our space WIFI free in the hopes that we can all grab moments of distraction-free time in an era in which all of us- even children - are being bombarded with information.

Our studio has children of all ages working together, sometimes collaborating, and sometimes working side by side. Art with Amy is my personal labor of love. It's a safe space where every day I see truly magical creations happening. There's all sorts of evidence and articles out there supporting these old-fashioned ways of creating that help children grow into creative thinkers who are more confident. It's also super fun.

Looking forward to welcoming to you to our world of art!


Our summer art fun begins with a special June 18th art week. On June 27th we begin full force and run throughout the summer. 

Sign on by the week or day. An early-morning drop-off option of 8:30 is available. We still have some spaces available in each week.