Afternoon workshops the week of July 23rd

We've got some wonderful afternoon workshops coming up next week! All workshops meet 2-5. We love mixed age classes so these are great for all school aged children. Cost: $60 per afternoon. Email with questions and to sign on.

Monday July 23rd: Learn various bookmaking skills with Gem and make your own book!

Tuesday July 24th: Learn the fun art of gel prints with Martha! 

Wednesday July 25th:  Sew a bag! Using a sewing machine sew a bag with Jack. No sewing experience needed!

Thursday and Friday July 25th and July 26th: Altered dollhouses. This is a fun one back from last year. Students will take old dollhouses and redesign them. Painting, wallpapering and knocking down walls. Think This Old House!

Bookmaking with Gem Monday afternoon!

Bookmaking with Gem Monday afternoon!

July Studio Art!

Hello all! 

These next two weeks we are excited to have Mihoko from Saori Worcester as our visiting artist! These weeks will be fiber arts weeks!
Weaving on large looms, felting, knitting, spinning and sewing are all on the schedule. Make bags, scarves and shawls. Make what you love! 

This week (July 9th) we have a few spaces in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes meeting 9-2.

The week of July 17th we have three spaces for the full Monday through Friday
9-2 week. 

Heading into the weeks of July 23rd and 30thwe have a few open spaces. These are classic Art with Amy summer studios with sign ons by the day or week. Expect a ton of FUN as we build sculptures, paint canvases, tie dye/batik and more. 

All classes have mixed ages and we intentionally keep groups small for individualized attention.

Early morning drop off options and afternoon workshops available.

For more info and to sign on please feel free to email.

Art with Amy is located at
45 Harvard Street in Brookline Village
Check out our classes and workshops at
Check out Amy's art at


July 5th! Field trip to The Greenway!

We have room this Thursday July 5th on our field trip to visit public art on the Greenway! We are meeting at 9am in the AWA studio in Brookline Village. We'll explore the Greenway, eat pizza in the North End and run under the sprinklers! We’ll be returning to the studio at 2. Our method of transportation will be the T :D. Email to join the fun!

June 27th, 28th and 29th

Brookline schools are out on June 26th. Looking for fun activities for the rest of that week? We have a few spaces open for June 27th, 28th and 29th. These will all be 9-2 Art with Milo days. Sign on by the day. Expect mixed media explorations, painting, lots of drawing and building! $90 per day.

What is Saori Weaving, you ask?

What is Saori weaving, you ask?
-A philosophy that all people are artists: each of us has a latent intuitive power that SAORI can awaken
-An aesthetic that embraces the natural beauty of unintended “mistakes” and encourages exploring the unknown.
-A social movement towards bringing diverse people together to learn from one another. 
- An artistic yet practical path of meditation, therapy, rehabilitation, trauma recovery, stress reduction, identity-building, community-building, economic self-reliance, and holistic human development.


Art with Amy :D

Art With Amy is an old-school neighborhood creative space for children of all ages (what some people now refer to as a maker space). We believe in the power and beauty of the hand made. Children learn painting, construction, jewelry making and weaving. We do projects here! But the most wonderful thing we have to offer is a guided journey that encourages true personal exploration... with pit stops in art history along the way. We intentionally keep our space WIFI free in the hopes that we can all grab moments of distraction-free time in an era in which all of us- even children - are being bombarded with information.

Our studio has children of all ages working together, sometimes collaborating, and sometimes working side by side. Art with Amy is my personal labor of love. It's a safe space where every day I see truly magical creations happening. There's all sorts of evidence and articles out there supporting these old-fashioned ways of creating that help children grow into creative thinkers who are more confident. It's also super fun.

Looking forward to welcoming to you to our world of art!


Our summer art fun begins with a special June 18th art week. On June 27th we begin full force and run throughout the summer. 

Sign on by the week or day. An early-morning drop-off option of 8:30 is available. We still have some spaces available in each week.





June Art Week!

For those who are out of school in early June we've added an early summer art week the week of June 18th-22nd. We'll meet 9-2 with an option to drop off at 8:30 and a few spaces available to stay until 6. Sign on by the day or full week. We will be keeping sketchbooks, painting on canvas, printmaking, building and of course making unexpected magical creations! With questions and to sign on please email

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Week of July 4th! Join us for a fun week of art field trips!

This year we will be touring Boston neighborhoods and exploring the rich art scene Boston has to offer! Our explorations will include the art walk on the Greenway, Harvard's Fogg art museum, the ICA and the MIT art walk. This week will include keeping a sketchbook, picnics and cafes. Also, check this out- art field trips are not only fun they may also improve your child's test scores!

Summer 2018 Update

This year we are open all summer starting as soon as Brookline schools let out. Many weeks are starting to fill with just a few spaces remaining the last couple of weeks in August. We have two full weeks of fiber arts with Saori Worcester this year! Large looms, sewing machines and a whole bunch of fun! Introducing art field trips the week of July 4th. MIT sculpture tour, Greenway art walk and more are planned.

Lots of weeks of painting, drawing and building AND really GREAT afternoon workshops with some fantastic visiting artists including printmaking, jewelry making and sewing. This year we have early drop off at 8:30. 9-2 and 2-5 options.

Feel free to email with any questions and to sign on. As always payment reserves your space. We are still offering early bird discount until June 1st.

Summer! Summer! Summer! Summer!

Early summer

June 27th, 28th and 29th 9-2 Art with Milo 9-2 only
Week of July 4th - open all days except July 4th. This one will be an art field trip week. We plan on visiting local museums and artist studios. 9-2 days
(this week is being planned out and may have longer days)
Week of July 9th - Saori Weaving/Fiber Arts 9-2 each day
Week of July 16th - Saori Weaving/Fiber Arts 9-2 each day
All the weeks below have 9-2 and 2-5 options

Week of July 23- July 27
Week of July 30- August 3
Week of August 6th- 10th
Week of August 13th-17th
Week of August 20th-24th
Week of August 27th-31st

The 9-2 sessions contain options for painting, drawing, building explorations
Expect tie dye most weeks, projects in the park and LOTS OF FUN

The 2-5 workshops offer special projects with guest instructors!
Week of July 23- July 27
M-July 23 bookmaking with Gem
T-July 24 gel prints with Martha
W- July 25 jewelry making with Tamar
Th- July 26 redesigning doll houses with Milo (you will need to sign on for Th/Fri days for this one)
Fri- July 27 redesigning doll houses with Milo (you will need to sign on for Th/Fri days for this one)
July 30- August 3
M- July 30 alternative sculpture with Gem
T- July 31 workshop with Anne Pfaff
W- August 1 make safety pin jewelry with Tamar
Th- August 2 T-shirt design with Milo
Fri - August 3 mixed media on canvas with Milo
August 6th- 10th
M- August 6th collage and image transfer with Gem
T- August 7th workshop with Anne Pfaff
W - August 8 make sculpey jewelry with Tamar
Th- August 9 2-5 make all sorts of goop with Miilo
Fri - August 10 2-5 painting on canvas with Milo
August 13th-17th
M- August 13 embroidery with Gem
T- August 14 print on cloth and sew a bag with Martha
W- August 15 macrame a wall hanging with Tamar
Th - August 16 printing on fabric and sewing project ( on our new sewing machine ) 
Fri - August 17th tbd
August 20th-24th
M- August 20 make a terrarium with Gem
T- August 21 workshop with Martha
W - August 22 jewelry with Tamar
Th - August 23 TBD
Fri - August 24 Create an assemblage with Lola
August 27th-31st
M - August 27 sewing project with Gem
T - August 28 printmaking with Martha
W - August 29 jewelry with Tamar
Th - August 30 drawing with Michelle Mendez
Fri - August 31 TBD

Cost per week: M-F 9-2 $425     $90 for 9-2 day    $60 for each the 2-5 workshops
The Saori weaving weeks are  9-2 with no afternoon programming. These are $500 per week. 



Summer Fun 2018!

Brookline school half day this Tuesday April 10th!

This Tuesday April 10th is our second Brookline school half day! This week our workshop is BUILD! There will be lots of wood, boxes, cardboard, string and paint in the studio. Join us for an afternoon of building fun. 12:40-2:30 with pick up available at Pierce. Cost: $45 including pick up and pizza. Of course students from all schools welcome! Email to sign on.

Amy's drawing on exhibit in Cambridge and Open Studios in Brookline

Hello all!

I'm super happy to have one of my drawings in the show "Personal Geographies" at Chandler Gallery/Maud Morgan Arts 20 Sacramento Street, Cambridge MA.

This piece is from Day 13 of my ongoing 2018 Drawing-a-Day project. Hoping you can stop by and check it out.  Gallery hours are 10-5:30 and this exhibit is is up until April 20th.

If you'd like to meet me at the gallery let me know. I'll also be showing more from this series during Brookline Open Studios on April 28th and 29th. Hours 1-5 in the AWA studio on 45 Harvard Street.