Summer Fun! 2019

Monday through Friday 8:30-2:00 $525
Monday through Friday 2-6 afternoons $340

Most weeks we have a daily drop in option if there’s space. These prices are good through April 2019

Week of June 24th
Ancient Egypt!
M-F 8:30- 2 

Painting, building sculpture
Trip to MFA
Keep a sketchbook

Learn all about ancient Egypt as we paint, draw and build!

Mixed media explorations Milo
M-F 2-6 

In these afternoon classes students will keep sketchbooks, paint on canvas, build dioramas, collage, sew, make paper and more. In classic Art with Amy style these classes are for all ages. Students will follow their creative passions and explore different media.
July 1-5 
Classic Summer Fun days meeting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

Tie dye t-shirts, paint canvases, draw with ink, build with recyclables, make plaster sculptures, printmaking, keep sketchbooks


Monday- Mixed media canvases with Gem

Tuesday- Alternative jewelry with Gem


Fri- Sculpey creations

July 8-12th
8:30- 2
All things dollhouse with Talia

Students will design and create a basic dollhouse
and decorate with paint, wall paper, fabric and carpet
Making furniture and accessories with cardboard, fabric scraps, and found objects and a doll :)


Monday-image transfer techniques with Gem

Tues- alternative sculpture with Gem



Fri Printmaking

July 15th-19th 9-2 
Weaving on looms with Saori Worcester 
Mihoko from Saori Worcester is back with large floor looms! Felting, sewing, weaving


July 22nd- 26th
Mixed media and collage 
canvas work, sketchbooks, sculptures

2-6 ( ages 10 and up for this one)
Anne Pfaff 
Altered book studio/field trip
trip to pick up book at special used book store 
image transfer, collage
Art with Amy studio all ages with collage, painting and building

July 29th- August 2 Liana
8:30- 2 Cities and Maps! 
Plan, Design and Create
Students will design a city. Creating maps and working out all practical details of cities..Together we will design and build a city using cardboard, boxes, wire, string, paper and our over flowing AWA box of junk.


Monday- sew a stuffed animal Gem

Tuesday- sculpture with Gem

Wednesday Slime Lab

Thursday- plaster creations

Friday tie dye madness

August 5th-9th
Talia in the studio for a week of sewing and fiber arts.


Monday mixed media on canvas Gem

Tuesday embroidery Gem

Wednesday- Slime Lab

Thursday- All things building

Friday- An afternoon on painting

August 12th-16th
Saori Worcester Mihoko back with her looms!


August 19th-23rd
Classic Summer Fun days
with tie dye t-shirts, paint canvases, draw with ink, build with recyclables, make plaster sculptures, printmaking, keep sketchbooks

2-6 Hands on art history class 
Each afternoon students will learn about a different art movement in history and make art inspired by these movements. Field trip to a local museum at the end of the trip

August 26th-30th
Make dioramas, terrariums, tiny paintings and sculptures. Talk about tiny houses...take a look at artists in history who have worked tiny.


All things sculpture Building with cardboard boxes, working with clay, plaster and recylables

Monday Gem

Tues Gem




Sept 2nd, 3rd and 4th
8:30-2 last days of summer!
tie dye, mural painting, field trip and summer fun
2-6 slime making, building, sketchbooking an open studio of art fun


Summer Fun 2019! Painting, drawing, building, field trips, weaving, fiber arts