Summer Fun! 2019

Monday through Friday 8:30-2:00 $525
Monday through Friday 2-6 afternoons $380

Sign on for individual days welcome as space allows.

Single 8:30-2 days $120 per day

Single 2-6 afternoon workshops $80

Summer time is a special time in the studio! This year we have old favorites returning as well as some wonderful new offerings. Mihoko from Saori Worcester will be back with floor sized looms for two full weeks, we have a week of all sorts of building fun with Cities and Maps taught by Liana, Mixed Media Explorations taught by Milo, a dollhouse week where students will make a basic dollhouse and all that goes inside and lots more cool offerings :).

All of our studio classes are mixed school age. On any given day in the studio you might find 8 year olds and 12 year olds learning and making art together! It’s one of the things I have always loved about our studio.

We keep our classes limited to 11 children each week so everyone gets personal attention. Most weeks we have a daily drop in option if there’s space.

Week of June 24th
Ancient Egypt!
M-F 8:30- 2 

Painting, building sculpture
Trip to MFA
Keep a sketchbook

Mixed media explorations 
M-F 2-6 

All sorts of painting, drawing and building

Week of July 1-5 
Classic Summer Fun days meeting Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 

Tie dye. painting. sketchbooking, all sorts of sculpture

M-F 2-6 classes
 Book Arts
Tuesday Alternative Jewelry
Wednesday Slime Lab
Friday Mixed Media Printmaking

Week of July 8-12th
8:30- 2
All things dollhouse and miniature

M-F 2-6 classes

Monday Paper book arts 
Tuesday Alternative Sculpture
Wednesday  Slime Lab
Thursday Plaster sculptures
Friday   Mixed media printmaking

Week of July 15th

Weaving on looms with Saori Worcester 
Mihoko from Saori Worcester is back with large floor looms! This program is for children at all ages to explore their creativity through fiber art such as spinning, felting, knitting, weaving and sewing.

M-F 2-6 
Decorative Paste Papers for Book Arts

Sew your own journal and make the decorative paper for the cover!

Week of July 22nd
Mixin’ It Up - A week of mixed media, collage, 
canvas work, sketchbooks, sculptures. Expect a full week of creative fun!


Monday Painting
Tuesday creating and drawing fantastical creatures
Wednesday Slime Lab
Thursday building of all sorts
Friday Mixed media printmaking/ explore the art of making cyanotypes ( sun prints)

Week of July 29th
8:30- 2
Cities and Maps! 

Plan, Design and Create - Be a City Planner!

Students will design and build a city. Make maps of all sorts, create a magnetic train and take a field trip to look at an urban garden and a local museum.

2-6 classes

Afternoon classes 2-6 

Monday  sew a stuffed animal
Tuesday  sculpture
Wednesday  Slime Lab
Thursday Be a horticulturist! Draw, plant and print Make a terrarium
Friday- Mixed Media printmaking

August 5th-9th
8:30-2   Participants in this week-long exploration of fiber arts try their hand at knitting, hand and machine sewing, felting, embroidery and more! As the week progresses will will experiment with combining materials and processes. Projects will incorporate a range of fiber art applications from wall art to functional items such as pillows and tote bags.

Afternoon classes 2-6

Monday Painting

Tuesday An afternoon of paper book arts

Wednesday- Slime Lab

Thursday- All things building

Friday- Sculpey jewelry with Rachel

August 12th-16th Weaving on looms
Saori Worcester Mihoko back in the studio with her floor sized looms! Create scarves, bags and all sorts of beautiful woven works! This program is for children at all ages to explore their creativity through fiber art such as spinning, felting, knitting, weaving and sewing. In this one week camp children will learn the whole process of making yarn to creating finished products. SAORI weaving is the core activity, however each day children will be introduced to a basic technique of spinning, felting and knitting wool. They will learn spinning with a drop spindle and try a spinning wheel. They will learn wet felting and needle felting. Depending on each participant's interest and progression they will be able to make finished products like scarves, wall hangings, bags, hats, felted balls or wearable items.

Decorative Paste Papers for Book Arts

Sew your own journal and make the decorative paper for the cover! We will learn to make paste papers with basic patterns and create our own designs using an array of tools like stencils, brushes and sponges. Join us for some fun tool-making as well to use during the class. Creating your own tools will give your paper wonderful textures and patterns that are totally unique to your personality. Bringing your favorite tools, and other textured objects is highly encouraged. Every sheet of paste paper is unique and experimentation is key.

August 19th-23rd
Classic Summer Fun days
with tie dye t-shirts, paint canvases, draw with ink, build with recyclables, make plaster sculptures, printmaking, keep sketchbooks

2-6 Hands on ART HISTORY class 
Each afternoon students will learn about a different art movement in history and make art inspired by these movements. We’ll be working with plaster, canvas painting, clay and more. Field trip to a local museum at the end of the week,

August 26th-30th
Miniatures! This a week of all things tiny!
Make dioramas, terrariums, tiny paintings and sculptures. We’ll take a look at the tiny houses movement as well as other artists in history who have worked tiny.

Afternoon classes 2-6

Monday August 26th Mixed media canvas /learn image transfer

Tues August 27th Comics class

Wed August 28th Slime Lab

Thurs August 29th Learn about zines and make tiny books

Friday August 30th Sculpey creations

Sept 3rd and 4th
8:30-2 last days of summer!
tie dye, mural painting, field trip and summer fun

Afternoon classes 2-6 slime making, building, sketchbooking an open studio of art fun


Summer Fun 2019! Painting, drawing, building, field trips, weaving, fiber arts